Tuesday, 28 April 2015

HST pilows

It's always nice to remember your old projects, especially the ones that are not with you anymore.

These pillows were a gift for my brothers girlfriend. He wanted to give her some nice decorative pillows and so I could not refuse making them.

And it was actually my first try at quilty pillows. Confession time: I got addiction. They are so simple to make but looks so nice and this is quite a fast project.

Also this was my first time working with HST, but since I had a reference and some nice inspiration I immediately decided on the pattern. I was inspired by Jeni Bakers Half-Square Triangle Block of the Month, it's an old post, but I love this quilt and I dream of making it completely, but for these pillow I used


and August blocks.

As soon as they were made I had to give them away, so glad I snapped few pictures while I could.

After this project I fell in love with HST, they have so much perspective in quilt projects. And have you heard? Jeni Baker is publishing a book on HSTs. Since I don't really have a way to get them in my countrys bookstore, I still plan to get it some way, because I do believe this book is going to be great!

Have a nice HST time,

Monday, 27 April 2015

A walk through the spring

Right now it really feels like spring. Sun is shining, everything is blooming and it smells so amazing.

I've been living in my current apartment since September, and not once have I gone out to look around, even though I was told that there are beautiful places near. And now on such nice day I really wanted to go outside and have a nice walk. I started bugging my flatmate about it. After a little bit more persuasion she agreed :)

So this is the view we have been missing from our lives.

On our way there and from there we saw a lot of blooming.

Happy Spring,

Sunday, 26 April 2015

Denim hexie bag

Okay, since this blog is also about sewing why not share something sewn. For example how about a bag?

You probably have noticed my obsession with denim and hexies. So one day I decided to put them together on the bag. It turned out pretty nice.

After finishing it I didn't know which side was the right one. I love both sides, and all hexies. The bag itself turned out to be pretty wast, so I tend to use it for sleepovers or traveling. Because what's better than traveling with the bag you made.

After this project I decided that hexies and denim go pretty nice together. So made few more projects with them.

Have a nice hexing time,

Saturday, 25 April 2015

These past few days!

I've been baking a lot. Okay, I'm lying. Me and my flatmate were making a lot. First of all spring rolls.

They are so much more delicious than bought. This was our second time making this and oh my god we stuffed ourselves.

I decided not to sew while until I haven't finished my collage works. But no sewing for almost a month, no can do. So I did a little bit sewing, too bad it's not quilting. I had to fix my sisters dress, just take those fluffy stuff out. I did, but she saw some more mistakes and again I'm back to this dress. But at least I put my machine to work, she was under a bucket of dust, that means I need a cover. New project, Yay. Now to decide on a pattern. Hm.... Okay come here Pinterest!

Well this is another thing I'm working on. A bean bag. I can't wait to see if it'll turn out properly.

 The best part. Today my sister and me we went out and got to these Sakura trees. It was so beautiful.

In my country these Japanese trees are rare, but for me they are so amazing. Since I love Japanese culture I couldn't just pas the opportunity to see them.

Such beauty. I guess spring is really here.

Happy Spring,

Friday, 24 April 2015

A mini bottle from twine and quince seeds

Today I want to show you one more decoration with natural materials. This time it's a mini bottle. I loved the form of it and it was small. How could I resist decorating it?

This one is made of twine and quince seeds. This is one of my favorite combinations. I just love the contrast these two components create.

Happy Friday!

Best wishes,

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Painting from natural materials

So much work from collage. I barely find any time to craft or blog. But summer is coming, and I will have a lot of free time to craft, blog, or enjoy the sun. But now let me show you something much more interesting. For example another decoration with natural materials.

This one is a painting. I used shells my cousin brought from the beach. And some rocks. Simple materials, but looks nice together.

It's quite small. I was younger when I did this, and so I didn't have any idea to make something larger. And so for some time I made a lot of small paintings. But now they are hanging at my home in one place and they look quite nice all together.

So for some time I'll have to retire from crafting, well only until summer. And my warm cool quilt is still on hold. Even though my arms are itching to make it. But since I have a lot of already made projects I think it would be a nice idea to show them.

Best wishes,

Friday, 17 April 2015

Introduction to decorations with natural materials!

Finally I'm ready to tell you all about decoration with natural materials. After school I usually went to after class activity. There I learned a lot. One of my favorite things I learned there was sewing, of course. The second thing is decorating with natural materials. We did these decorations on bottles, wood boards. and boxes or anything we came up with. So even after I finished school and moved away I still love to do some decorations. So in the upcoming posts I will be showing you the stuff I made. So here is the first ones.

This one is really simple. I just used some glass paint and quince seeds. Oh and the glue is the main ingredient. I put the paint anywhere and anyhow and then I filled some spaces between with seeds. 

Can't wait to start showing you all of my works :)

Best wishes,

Monday, 13 April 2015

Catch up!

I've been working on my warm cool quilt. (Quilt along from In Color Order) I cut all the pieces. Decided to make a baby size. So 100 squares needed. I really enjoy these rainbow like piles. My machine has a different seam allowance, so this weekend I'm going home and I hope to sew them all together.

While watching TV series I piece hexies. Mostly from scraps. I have no idea what to make from them though. Just enjoying making them.

Finally started working on my painting with natural materials. This one is for my teacher. And I do realize I haven't talked about decorations with natural materials. But I do promise in this week to whip up a post about it.

Best wishes,

Thursday, 9 April 2015


What a nice day today was. Such nice weather, collage going great and Friday up ahead. So I did a lot of stuff today.

As if I didn't have enough WIPs I am starting one more. I couldn't wait any longer. I saw Jenis'  warm cool quilt long time ago. Few days while going through some tutorials I found her quilt along. So I immediately started reading. After the first post I picked my fabrics. I have no green or purple for this project. Well I hope to go through with what I have in my stash. We'll see how it'll turn out.

And can't wait to cut into my stash. My blade was rusty and it was hard to cut. So I got new ones and I can't wait to try it out.

And to relax with a TV series, mandala coloring. Best way to rest and enjoy some TV series, I just started watching Chuck, it's quite interesting.

And one more thing I did today is I "planted" some onions. I saw that they were growing, and decided to put them into water, but had no luck finding places to put them. So as a student I went with what I found. My flatmate was laughing from the idea to use plastic bottles. Well, I just hope that they'll grow.

Hope your Thursday was as interesting as mine.
Best wishes,

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

First Swap experience!

Finally I participated in a swap. I've been searching for one for a while. And just around December I found one on Instagram. Theme of this swap was a #rainbowminiswap.  International participants were welcomed so I jumped right in. And now when it's almost over I can say that my first experience was amazing. Kate Basti was the organizing this one, and everything was amazing. I got every information I needed. I knew I could ask my swap mama Tiffany anything and she would gladly help me.

I knew my partner was into hexagons so I decided to try the modern hexies technique. I've been meaning to try a tutorial from Modern Handcraft. And so this is what it turned out into.

I'm so in love with this technique, can't wait to try something else.
And my mini is still on the way to my partner, I hope she likes it.

I also made few extras. This one is my favorite. Mini hexie strap. It's from denim.

And on Saturday morning my mini came. I unpacked it in seconds to see what amazing job I got. And I couldn't be any happier.

It was made by Jennifer. She blogs at Quilter in the Closet. She did such an amazing job, I love it so much. All those tiny squares. I can't actually stop admiring her work. I was really blessed to get such partner.

Even the backing is amazing.

Some fabric from USA was in order. Love them, don't know what to make. Thinking about a pillow or some potholders or maybe even a mini. So much possibilities.

And all the extra she sent me, I love it. I wondered if I should wait to photograph my chocolate.

And if that was it, I wish. Few days latter I signed on another swap on IG. This one is called Beach Bound Mini Quilt Swap. Meredith is organizing it if you want to join.(Sign Ups open till 04.15)

Best Wishes, Dovile