Thursday, 9 April 2015


What a nice day today was. Such nice weather, collage going great and Friday up ahead. So I did a lot of stuff today.

As if I didn't have enough WIPs I am starting one more. I couldn't wait any longer. I saw Jenis'  warm cool quilt long time ago. Few days while going through some tutorials I found her quilt along. So I immediately started reading. After the first post I picked my fabrics. I have no green or purple for this project. Well I hope to go through with what I have in my stash. We'll see how it'll turn out.

And can't wait to cut into my stash. My blade was rusty and it was hard to cut. So I got new ones and I can't wait to try it out.

And to relax with a TV series, mandala coloring. Best way to rest and enjoy some TV series, I just started watching Chuck, it's quite interesting.

And one more thing I did today is I "planted" some onions. I saw that they were growing, and decided to put them into water, but had no luck finding places to put them. So as a student I went with what I found. My flatmate was laughing from the idea to use plastic bottles. Well, I just hope that they'll grow.

Hope your Thursday was as interesting as mine.
Best wishes,

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