About Me

Hi, My name is Dovile. And I want to say Thank you for taking some time to stop at my blog. And since you’re here you can learn more about me :)

I love to create something every day. It can be something unimportant, like arranging food in a plate. But it can be something big, like a fully finished quilt.

My Home

I live in Northern Europe. In a country called Lithuania. Utena is a town I grew up in. But in 2014 autumn I moved to Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania. Both towns a not far away from each other. About 1,5 hour ride with a car.  So now I usually spend five days of week in Vilnius and two in Utena.


I just love reading blogs. Not only they inspire me, but they motivate me. And somehow an idea came to my mind to start my own blog. I was unsure for some time, but as you can understand, I did start one. This isn't my first blog. I had two other blogs before but neither one of their names represented me. So I took a long way until I discovered something that fit me. But here it is Patched Up Clover. I love clovers, they are simple, but so beautiful. And I love sewing, quilting. These two things became main inspiration for my blogs' name.

The start of my crafting

When I was about 10 years old I started attending an after school activity in youth school(now it’s called design studio). This is probably the best thing that could have ever happened to me. The teacher there was amazing. She accepted everyone and helped them discover who they are. If not her I probably wouldn't even have discovered that beautiful world of creation. And since that time, for nine years I attended it. Well not all full years, there were some fallouts. But as much as I was there I learned something new every day.

The first craft I did was a bottle, which I decorated with paint. Later I started using natural materials for bottle decorations or paintings. And since then I love this craft. A few years latter I took my courage and sat down at one of the sewing machines and started learning how to sew. At that point I sew pillows, coasters, cosmetic bags. But only some time latter I was encouraged by design studios teacher to go and visit an exhibition of quilts. As soon as I went I understood that I wanted to make one. For me denim was the best option and that’s how my first denim quilt was born. Later on I started using my sewing machine more and more. But I still don’t intend to forget my decorations with natural materials.

Other hobbies

As long as I can remember I loved watching anime. And I still do. It’s something that makes me relax. Latter on I started reading manga. Anime and Manga are my second hobbies after crafting. And since in them there is a lot of Japans' culture I started to admire it. Japan is one of my favorite countries. I love the language and I dream of learning it one day. I love their food, clothes and etc. But since this blog is about my crafting I don’t intend to talk about it a lot. But please bear with me if it pops up somewhere.

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