Saturday, 23 May 2015

Catch up!

Well since my spring review is over I can concentrate on finishing some quilt and starting new. Warm- Cool quilt is coming great, I have already made the HST's, cut them, pressed the seams and even started playing with the layout. And today I am almost finished with trimming them.

Also one more quite recent finish is a present for a friend. I was in a hurry, but still wanted to do something crafty for her. And I decided to go with simple drawstring bag and fill it up with some awesome stuff. I used ,my favorite, Jeni Bakers tutorial. And it turned out great, my friend also liked it so that makes me happy.

And yesterday I heard some not good news, until 1st of August we have to move out of this apartment. I am excited to move to a new place, but somehow I already got attached to this one, I love the view by the window, and the apartment is great, but well life happens and so I can't wait to decorate my new place.

Best wishes,

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Side Braid Quilt

Well the biggest part of my collage work is over, so to celebrate that let me share a quilt. Actually it's one hell of a WIP. I made the top quite fast, but quilting it was a problem, I still can't birng myself to start it. Probably because there is only one big quilt that I have quilted with my machine, so I'm afraid it might be difficult for me.

But anyways, here it is:

My Side Braid Quilt from Jeni Bakers patterns. This is one of my favorite quilts from her patterns, it's so easy to piece and looks so fun. Of course small Side Braid Quilt is awesome too, and that one is in my list too.

I made a mistake choosing the fabrics. I think this pattern would look a lot more awesome with brighter colors. Since I don't have a lot of experience I tried not to go overboard with color combo and that was my mistake, it all looks same. But I hope to fix that while I'll do the quilting.

The best thing about this quilt is how fast it came together and the finished look is quite amazing (not considering my fabric choosing).

I made this quilt in twin size, but I plan to give it to my mom to use it as a lap quilt. But we'll see, because first I have to finish this one old WIP.

I will be traveling to my home town today and guess what that means. Well I'll get to work on my warm-cool quilt. I plan to piece the triangles on these few days that I'll be there.

Best wishes,

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

A "bed" for my sewing machine

Well, I have really disappeared. And what's worse is that nothing crafty is happening behind the scenes. Only collage work and more collage work. But there are good news, two weeks and my finals and then, I'll have much more time to myself.

Today I want to share a really mini quilt, I made this especially for my sewing machine. Because it also needs a "bed".

I already had some cutted strips. Just trimmed them down to my needed size and put them together. Added batting (to be more comfortable for my machine). And quilted it with straight lines. Fast and simple project to enjoy in the evening.

I received some not quilty fabric for free. I have no idea how this king of fabric is called, I know that I got it free from furniture salon. So this was one of the projects I used it for, the second is bean bag. But I plan to do a lot more mini quilts from these scrapy fabric.

Even though I have a lot of collage work I'll still try to jump in twice in a week to show you more of my finished projects. Don't worry I still have many more left.

Best wishes,