Saturday, 23 May 2015

Catch up!

Well since my spring review is over I can concentrate on finishing some quilt and starting new. Warm- Cool quilt is coming great, I have already made the HST's, cut them, pressed the seams and even started playing with the layout. And today I am almost finished with trimming them.

Also one more quite recent finish is a present for a friend. I was in a hurry, but still wanted to do something crafty for her. And I decided to go with simple drawstring bag and fill it up with some awesome stuff. I used ,my favorite, Jeni Bakers tutorial. And it turned out great, my friend also liked it so that makes me happy.

And yesterday I heard some not good news, until 1st of August we have to move out of this apartment. I am excited to move to a new place, but somehow I already got attached to this one, I love the view by the window, and the apartment is great, but well life happens and so I can't wait to decorate my new place.

Best wishes,

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