Tuesday, 31 March 2015


March is almost over, I still can't believe how fast time is gong this year. This is the first such year for me. But also I notice I get much more done than when I was at home. Firstly I bake much more!

One of the best things I love about this place I live in is VIEW! I love it, especially at night, or when a rainbow appears. Just like yesterday.

Now I also have a flatmate. She is amazing. I asked her if she would like to help me with #rainbowminiswap. She didn't hesitate, and now my Partner has this amazing drawing. Since my Partner loves dogs, I tend to believe She'll love it.

Have a nice day!
Best wishes, Dovile

Saturday, 28 March 2015

I'm back!

I am back! So happy to have my computer back. I can't believe I managed to live so long without it. But now I know anything is possible.. So let's get into some progress. I had so much work at school so a lot of crafty stuff suffered. But I did managed to finish some.

At my club we decided to do a joint project. We had to make 3 minis for each participant. I did them in a hurry, so I'm not really proud the way it turned out. But I love that the club participation make me push myself to remember crafting.

Also sun is showing up. I tend to believe a spring is coming. I can't wait to go outside and enjoy sun. If only I had less stuff to do.

And can you imagine. Only 7 day difference between these weathers. I thought I'll go crazy without sun, but it showed up.

Also I have an amazing roommate. You can visit her blog. One day we decided to make some spring rolls, well, she decided, I'm not that creative in food field. And so we tried. OMG, it turned out to be really delicious.

That's it for now. Hope to be back soon with more project and fun stuff to share.

Best wishes, Dovile

Monday, 2 March 2015

Catch Up!

I'm not dead. But my computer still is. But now I realize that's a positive thing. I have a lot more free time. No worries I'll try to jump once a week and share my progress. And so let's start. This weekend I started to do a painting with natural materials. I love those. I would love to share what it is and tell you more about it, but my pictures and additional info is on my computer. Bummer. Yep.. that's a minus for having your computer broken.

I also started a shelf runner :) just playing with words here :)

I made some progress on #rainbowminiswap that's going on at the instagram.

And the best thing that happened is that I finished my denim quilt. And I gave it a name. Because Second Denim Quilt doesn't sound... "Towards the Blue Dream" is the new name. Another bummer is that I have no photos. I have nowhere to hang it or fully lay, at this moment. And I still need to make a hanging sleeve. I love a video tutorial from Missouri Star Quilt Company. You can find a lot of their great tutorials on youtube.

I hope to see you next week,
Best wishes,