Monday, 2 March 2015

Catch Up!

I'm not dead. But my computer still is. But now I realize that's a positive thing. I have a lot more free time. No worries I'll try to jump once a week and share my progress. And so let's start. This weekend I started to do a painting with natural materials. I love those. I would love to share what it is and tell you more about it, but my pictures and additional info is on my computer. Bummer. Yep.. that's a minus for having your computer broken.

I also started a shelf runner :) just playing with words here :)

I made some progress on #rainbowminiswap that's going on at the instagram.

And the best thing that happened is that I finished my denim quilt. And I gave it a name. Because Second Denim Quilt doesn't sound... "Towards the Blue Dream" is the new name. Another bummer is that I have no photos. I have nowhere to hang it or fully lay, at this moment. And I still need to make a hanging sleeve. I love a video tutorial from Missouri Star Quilt Company. You can find a lot of their great tutorials on youtube.

I hope to see you next week,
Best wishes,

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