Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Painting from natural materials

So much work from collage. I barely find any time to craft or blog. But summer is coming, and I will have a lot of free time to craft, blog, or enjoy the sun. But now let me show you something much more interesting. For example another decoration with natural materials.

This one is a painting. I used shells my cousin brought from the beach. And some rocks. Simple materials, but looks nice together.

It's quite small. I was younger when I did this, and so I didn't have any idea to make something larger. And so for some time I made a lot of small paintings. But now they are hanging at my home in one place and they look quite nice all together.

So for some time I'll have to retire from crafting, well only until summer. And my warm cool quilt is still on hold. Even though my arms are itching to make it. But since I have a lot of already made projects I think it would be a nice idea to show them.

Best wishes,

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