Friday, 17 April 2015

Introduction to decorations with natural materials!

Finally I'm ready to tell you all about decoration with natural materials. After school I usually went to after class activity. There I learned a lot. One of my favorite things I learned there was sewing, of course. The second thing is decorating with natural materials. We did these decorations on bottles, wood boards. and boxes or anything we came up with. So even after I finished school and moved away I still love to do some decorations. So in the upcoming posts I will be showing you the stuff I made. So here is the first ones.

This one is really simple. I just used some glass paint and quince seeds. Oh and the glue is the main ingredient. I put the paint anywhere and anyhow and then I filled some spaces between with seeds. 

Can't wait to start showing you all of my works :)

Best wishes,

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