Saturday, 25 April 2015

These past few days!

I've been baking a lot. Okay, I'm lying. Me and my flatmate were making a lot. First of all spring rolls.

They are so much more delicious than bought. This was our second time making this and oh my god we stuffed ourselves.

I decided not to sew while until I haven't finished my collage works. But no sewing for almost a month, no can do. So I did a little bit sewing, too bad it's not quilting. I had to fix my sisters dress, just take those fluffy stuff out. I did, but she saw some more mistakes and again I'm back to this dress. But at least I put my machine to work, she was under a bucket of dust, that means I need a cover. New project, Yay. Now to decide on a pattern. Hm.... Okay come here Pinterest!

Well this is another thing I'm working on. A bean bag. I can't wait to see if it'll turn out properly.

 The best part. Today my sister and me we went out and got to these Sakura trees. It was so beautiful.

In my country these Japanese trees are rare, but for me they are so amazing. Since I love Japanese culture I couldn't just pas the opportunity to see them.

Such beauty. I guess spring is really here.

Happy Spring,

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