Sunday, 4 January 2015

2015 a New Year and a New Begining!

Have you heard the saying each day is the new beginning. And now it's even better! We have an entire year to start anew. That's what I'm going to do. And I decided to write up my 2015 resolutions. So as I tend to fail at these kind of things, I thought why not share them here and that will make me want to keep them more, right? Anyways of to the goals I set to myself for this year:

  1. SEW! I sew when I find some time and something like that. But I could make time for sewing! And I want to do much more sewing throughout this year. So basically my main goal is to sew in every free minute I have. And here is what I would like to sew:
    •  6 quilts. Last year I put a goal on myself which I didn't keep. That was to make 14 quilts. I believe that was crazy for me and it was. I did few quilt tops, but I couldn't finish my big goal and I was really disappointed. So now I'm just making a smaller goal. Make 6 quilts. It's okay with me if I can't even do that much, life happens and that's fine with me. 
    • Make sewn gift. A lot of my family deserves to have a quilt from me, so why not make them it as a gift, or not a full quilt, potholders or pillows or anything sewn is fine.                    
  2. Spend less time at the computer! Okay, I admit, I need to fix my addiction. That is sitting at the computer. So I would have more time to live and more time for my hobbies. I really want to work on this goal.                                                                                                                              
  3. Blog! I really enjoy bloging, and I have no idea what stops me. It's just whenever I want to blog I make myself another task and it gets put of. So I guess I need to work with myself this year.     
  4. Project 365! It's a project when you take a photo each day. I've been wanting to do that for few years now, but again I've been putting it away for no reason. And I even actually started it! So it's a good start.                                                                                                                                 
  5. Do some other hobbies! I love doing paintings with natural materials, but it's just that I couldn't find time and determination to get back to that. Another thing is knitting, I really want to start a knitted hexagon blanket. And maybe someday actually finish it :D knitting is a good project to do while on a road or at some place that you can't do sewing.
I set big goals for myself. But I do believe I can achieve them and grow myself to being a better person. I can't wait the day when I'll be writing a post like 2015 review and showing how much I did. But there is a long way to that post so let's walk it with passion and determination.

Anyways, I would love to hear your goals for the 2015 :)

Best wishes, 

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