Sunday, 25 January 2015

Second Denim Quilt. Part 1

Let's get right to the point. I missed my post yesterday. I went to my village and I had no internet there so there was no way I could post and when we got back I was really not in the mood to post, but in a mood to quilt. So today I'll share a quilt that has been my WIP for quite some time. I promise a story and a lot of pictures for it :) 

For quite some time after I finished my first quilt I've been planning to do a second, bigger denim quilt. I made a sketch and planed it long ago.

And I actually cut first strips in 2013 spring. Then put it in a box and left to wonder around my room. And in autumn as I was doing general cleaning in my room I found a box. It was full of my strips that I cut few months ago.

It was only of light shades, so I needed dark ones. So I started cutting them up, after some time I had all the strips. I cut 20 jeans for these, 10 in light and 10 in dark.

After I had all of them I was really happy to see it. And I even exhibited them in my room. They looked quite nice with my denim pillow.

It took some time to pick a layout and sew all them together. First I saw 8 big squares.

And I immediately laid them to see how it looks. And I admit I fell in love even more!

Letter I started doing the small ones. I had to make 30 of them. It took some time, but it was so fun to make them, since they are a lot smaller than the big ones.

I cut the middle squares and I had every piece ready. What was left is only to piece them.

And that’s where the story is supposed to end simple, pieced, quilted and enjoyed, but not for this one. I had some problems, a lot of them. And I’ll share them tomorrow, well probably because this one turned to be a long post. I hope you enjoyed hearing about my quilt history and I promise to be back with the continuum of this quilt.

Best wishes, 

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