Friday, 23 January 2015

Pillows for my Cousin

Yep I am here again and today I'll show you a simple pillow that I made as a gift. I already mentioned a little bit of it on my previous post.
Anyways I'll tell you again the story behind this gift. I love my Cousin, she's so nice and loves handmade things. So before Christmas I had an idea to make her a gift. After a long wondering I came up with the idea to make pillow, but one doesn't look so good so I made two. The design was based on her living room wall decor.

Also they were supposed to be 40 cm x 40 cm. But in the process they turned out to be 35 cm x 35 cm. The main reason for that is binding. I love pillows with binding, but somehow I didn't like the idea of binding on this one and so without binding I did double edge and it turned out nice from the inside and outside, and that's how the measurements became smaller.

These pillows are quite simple and fast to make, but look so nice in the interior.

Pillows were supposed to be gifted around new year, but only this week they saw the light. The reasons are the same as my potholder. Still considering I'm late my Cousin was really happy with them.

For the back I did a simple zipper, one light, another one darker. And that turned out to be only different between these pillows, anyway else, they're identical.
Few more pictures, since I won't be seeing them I took a lot of photos.

What I learned from this project is that I need to start making gifts from early on. But still they were made and she was really happy to receive them.

Best wishes,

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