Monday, 26 January 2015

Second Denim Quilt. Part 2

Today I’ll tell the rest of my second denim quilt story.

Since I had every piece I started putting them together.

In the middle of finishing my top I had a meeting with some of my local quilting friends. And I told them about my quilt. They asked me some questions and told me something that surprised me. My finished quilt was supposed to be about 2 meter on 1,7 meter. And I was planning to quilt it straight lines with my sewing machine. And what surprised me is their question: “How do you plan it to fit it into your sewing machine?” This made me realize my inexperience in quilting. So I started searching for alternative methods. I found one. I was planning to do only half of the quilting and sew other half and quilt it. At that time this was the best option for me. So I started with this option. I pin basted half of my quilt. It was quite difficult. The backing was too big and also batting disturbed me, but I somehow managed to pin it all.

And then I went to my sewing machine and started quilting.

Oh Boy…. It was something. My only other quilt this big was simpler. And so I started my adventure, and it ended soon…. Main problem was lack of pins and too big batting and backing. So on the front there were some puckers, on the back too, but the front looked awfully. And after such problem I decided to put it away. After about half a year I took it out and decided I wanted a nice quilt so I started with redoing some blocks. Few of them turned out to be not so good looking. So I redid them. For the quilted half, well it met my seam ripper, they actually became friends. :)

Even after redoing and preparing for quilting I still could not find a way to quilt it. I didn’t want it to be quilted by had so again it sat there. After few months while I was browsing through out the internet I found a tutorial for “quilt as you go” technique, for joining blocks. Only few days latter I realized that this was a perfect technique for me. But this realization came in the middle of my review so I waited. And after the review I have a week to rest and I made it my goal to finish as much of this quilt as I can. I actually started and even quilted half of this quilt. I still have few days to finish it. Let's hope I do.

See you tomorrow! :)

Best wishes,


  1. I love this! I love your creative process!! That is going to be a beautiful quilt when you finish it! The actual top quilting process was the hardest for me to overcome. After a while you get a rhythm and just figure out how to make it work. Then you learn techniques to make it easier. Can't wait to see this done!

    1. Thank you so much for your nice words! I'm almost finished with it, still few steps left :)