Saturday, 3 January 2015

Meeting the new year!

There is a saying in my country: the way you meet the new year, the way a year will be, or something like that. And this year I had a great company and a lot of funny things that helped me meet the new years happily.

First of all I spend my new year with my sister and my mom. They came to my apartment and we had so much fun. We made dinner and joked the entire weekend. And we had something like a tradition. To pass time until midnight we prepare gifts. Not two or three, but 20. I made my mom 10 and my sister 10 gifts. Both of them did the same. So each one of us had about 20 gift. We don't decide on a price or what the gift should be. Main requirement is: prepare gifts and wrap them. So entire evening we had fun guessing what it is and unwrapping them. And here is what our gift haven looked like:

I had so much fun and I can say that this was the best new year meeting in my life, so it's bound to be a good year right? :)
Do you have any traditions for meeting the new year?

I wish you a good year,

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