Thursday, 22 January 2015

College review

I mentioned a review. And so today I'll share more about it. And some of my works I did for it.

I am studying in a college. I started in September so it's my first semester. And my first work review. At the end of every semester we have something like a mini exhibition of our works. So I had to prepare mine. And some needed to be redone so I spent almost entire week working on them. My exhibition was of 10 cardboard. They we're full of my works and some models. At home it was a mess paper, glue, cardboard everywhere.

But the experience I gained is immeasurable. It was really something. So here is my mini exhibition together with me :)

And I want to share some of my works. This one is a model of an interior. We had to choose an inspiration, idea of architecture, and do it. So here is my inspiration. And we also had to photograph the model with different kind of lightnings. Here are few pictures of it:

One more interesting project I loved working on is my kitchen isometric projection:

Information Technology was really something. I learned to use Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. Here are one of the works. We had to change colors of an interior.

And there are many more works I enjoyed working on. I could talk about them for days. And now I have two weeks to rest. Do you know what that means? Sewing time! I plan to finish my second denim quilt. About which I promise to share in few days. And I really want to do a painting for my teacher. So these are my two goals for the upcoming week. And let's not forget another goal, post! I have a lot of things to share so this will be perfect opportunity to do just that!

Hope to see you tomorrow!
Best wishes,

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