Saturday, 6 June 2015


Recently I have been buying fabric. I understood my fabric stash is a total disaster. Why? Probably because the fabric I use are mostly thrifted or second-life. So wanting to use good quality fabric I had to say goodbye to the bad ones, but did you think I could throw it away? Nope. So now I'm making 3 picnic quilts. And these fabric here are my first additions to the future awesome fabric stash.

One more recent finish is zigzag quilt. Today I managed to baste it. And it took less time than expected. Next is free motion quilting. So scary. Such big quilt, but I believe I can do it. I still wonder around what thread to use, but once I get that, few practice squares and come here my big awesome quilt.

Another recent ongoing project I remembered to revisit is my shelf runner, I've mentioned it here before. And I basted it and even managed to quilt it, now only binding left. But I put it until I figure out what kind of binding I want.

Have a nice weekend,

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