Wednesday, 3 June 2015

More WIPs

Who doesn't have few WIPs in their shelves. And what always keeps happening is that more WIPs keeps adding to that pile. So here are my new WIPs.

Warm - Cool quilt top is finished, I used chain piecing and it came together so fast. At first I was hesitant about my fabric choice and I wasn't sure of something will come out of it. But the present view makes me happy. It turned out better than expected. Can't wait to finish, but it'll have to wait. Because...

I started more projects. I have so much unusable fabric, so I decided to use it up for something simple, and so I want with picnic quilts. I am cutting my fabric in 15, 20, 25, 30 centimeter squares. And then I'll decide on some design. One of them will probably be a simple patchwork quilt. And one is already requested by my cousin, so that one will be with some stars.

And of course I have to finish some swaps, this one is from Instagram. #handpiecedminiswap. I know my partner loves hexies and hand stitches. Hexies - easy, hand stitching - scary. I have never hand stitched. But that's what swaps are for, to try something new. So my hexies are finished, they turned quite small, but I love how mini they are.

How about you? Do you finish your WIPs before starting new?

Best wishes,


  1. Labai gražiai spalvingas! Lauksim pabaigto :)
    Beje, tokios barbės-devyndarbės (ir aš - prie tokių) visada atlieka po kelis darbus iš karto, bet kaip smagu, kai beveik vienu metu visus užbaiginėji! Argi ne? :)

    1. Tikrai taip. O aš jau seniai neturėjau to jausmo, kad nėra nei vieno projekto kabančio virš galvos. Hm..... reikia susimastyt, ir maš naujų nepradėt.

      Hm.... ne.... neimanoma, vistiek ką nors pradėsiu :D