Sunday, 16 August 2015

Almost Primary {a mosaic contest}

Look what I found! Fabric Mosaic contest sponsored by Lark Cottons that is on Rachel's blog Stitched In Color. I've been wanting to join something in the blog sphere. So I took some tea and sat down to play with fabric combination. And do trust me when I say that I played with this. I really enjoyed making these mosaics, I actually made two. It was so fun to discover all those new fabric and visit a fabric shop. So here they are:

Summer Warmth
Summer Warmth. That's how I named this one I made. Because this is how summer looks to me right now, all those warm colors, some sky color, ocean and a little bit bright red twilight sun in the evening. And all these fabric with flowers makes me feel like I'm in a flower meadow, lying there and enjoying summer. I would definitely take a quilt made of these fabrics to the meadow and enjoy it.

Fabrics I used:
1. Comma collection 2. Wee Wander collection 3. Good Life collection 4. Indelible collection 5. Dreamin’ Vintage collection  6. Kona Cotton 7. Bohemian Soul collection 8. Farm Fresh collection 9. Ansonia collection

You might notice that I used a lot of Art Gallery Fabric design. I did, because I love them, and I can only wish to get my hands on some their fabric. But since not all of their fabric fit my mosaic I got an opportunity to find some new collections that I loved. So here is the second one.

Twilight. Sun going down in a vast blue sea. That's what I wanted to convey with this mosaic. I can imagine looking at the view from a cliff. And I'm not alone all the nature is with me.

Fabric I used:
1. California Girl collection 2. Emmy Grace collection 3. Bella Solids 4. Meet The Gang collection 5. Comma collection 6. Scandi Forest Red collection 7. Franklin collection
8. Somerset collection 9. Dreamin’ Vintage collection

There is still time to join this so I encourage you to join this and have fun making the mosaics. And not only it is fun to make them, but I also discovered a lot more new fabrics that I liked. I've seen Denyse Schmidt name in many blogs, but this is my frist time seeing her colections, and trust me I fell in love. Chicopee is amazing, Paisley Red and Paisley Lime are my favorite. From Ansonia I loved Floral Paisley Mushroom. And there is many more amazing designers that I found. Such amazing experience participating. 

Have a nice mosaic creations and don't forget to have fun, 
Dovile :)

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