Saturday, 27 December 2014

First big work: quilt

What's a better way to start my blog than show my first big work. That is a quilt. My first quilt. And first job I did that was so big.
The story starts like this. I was tired of all small works and wanted something big, that would be specially for my room. And my Teacher suggested for me to go and take a look at the exhibition that was going on in my city at that time. I went. And saw many beautiful quilt, but one quilt caught my eye. It was mostly of denim and of many strips (as I understood at that time). Denim was perfect for little me. It was cheap, attractive and easy to find. So I decided to do a denim quilt. I took the main inspiration from one block. It was this one:

Sorry for the bad quality and all.
 I didn't have camera at that time.
But I took it with my phone and I still have this picture.

And so after a lot of struggle my quilt was born. I have to admit it isn't quite complete. My teacher suggested to do it without batting. And I wanted to finish it as soon as possible so I went with it. And I glad I did. I was so tired of it so it's no surprise that I wanted to finish it.

And for me at that age it was the best work I did. Not discussing that I misjudged the contrast in denim. The pieces are done only so so. But at that time I didn't have my board, ruler or rotary cutter.  And even now I treat it properly. Well it is my first quilt. And even if it isn't perfect I still love it.

It still is in my room and on my bed, I guess it belongs there. :)

Best wishes,

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